LED light HBT2-U


Technical parameters



Power supply: Meanwell

Possibility of regulation: 1-10V/ DALI

Color: black

Manufacturer: InLED, s.r.o.

Input voltage AC 85 - 265 V
CRI Ra > 80
Output 120W, 180W, 220W, 320W, 530W
Light temperature 4200 K (voliteľné)
Beam angle 25°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 100°
Operating temperature -30 - + 65°C (atest na 60°C trvalé teploty prostredia)
IP IP 65 / IK 08


Type Input (W) Light flux of the LED module (LM) Light flux of luminaires (LM) Light efficiency (LM/W) Efficiency of LED (LM/W) Measurements (MM) A/B/C/D/E Weight
HBT2-U 120W 114 16740 13099 115 158 246/410/459/374 6.5
HBT2-U 180W 180 23258 20118 111 130 246/410/467/374 8.0
HBT2-U 220W 222 32548 25300 115 158 246/410/467/374 8.0
HBT2-U 320W 320 47526 36800 115 158 303/410/459/374 11.0
HBT2-U 530W 530 78715 60950 115 158 364/449/500/374 13.0

* The stated values of performance and light flux are within the tolerance according to the valid standards ± 7.5%


Measurments HBT2-U

Luminosity curve

Luminosity curve HBT2-U


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